Instal Dublin Automatic Sliding Doors

Buildings and big businesses are coming up everywhere and adding doors that are functional and that also contribute to the place’s design quotient is advantageous to any company. And there’s no doubt in that connection that automated sliding doors are a blessing. These are usually made of glass but some may install the steel or metal ones for security reasons. However, the use of automatic sliding doors is restricted and generally you would see these glass beauties popping up from malls to big offices everywhere. Here are some of the benefits of having automated sliding doors built in your business establishment:

Adds to aesthetic appeal

One of the biggest factors a business looks forward to providing a friendly environment for its business clients and associates. Therefore the aesthetic appeal of these locations is very significant. A glass door gives the entire room just the right blend of modernity and beauty. The idea is to show how trendy and beautiful your office is too. Constructed of premium quality glass these give to any position an air of beauty and panache. With some paneling or inserting the company logo, you will make it more attractive.You can get additional information at windows and doors dublin prices.


In addition to being limited to the main building sector, these glass doors are also used for indoor spaces. Of starters, a huge company office with multiple floors and different parts would need such glass doors to maintain a functional separation between those spaces. Doing so helps to create a kind of translucent barrier while keeping the entire office space as one unit together. In fact, there are a variety of options to choose from. To build a little more anonymity, you might go for opaque glasses or some etching, and its panel thickness often depends on the company or business.


The primary purpose of having such automatic doors is to insure that there is some form of distinction between the different office spaces but there is another important aspect to it as well. The room helps create an energy-efficient machine of its kind. Of starters, if the whole house is air-conditioned then you don’t want the refrigeration to go out continuously. The sliding doors made of glass help prevent heat from entering the room, which in turn reduces your electricity consumption, particularly if you have sensors in your air conditioner.

Customer friendly

Such automated glass sliding doors are also recognized for being customer friendly. A commercial space such as a supermarket or even a workplace would have all kinds of people, including the elderly or those on a wheelchair. When you enter, you don’t want them to face trouble, because your doors are heavy and burdensome and can not be easily accessed. Automatic doors remove all of these problems and help your customers walk easily into your home. Additionally, they are also translucent, making it easier to see what’s going on inside, and are particularly beneficial for locations like malls. Due to these screens, all the inventory is thus easily visible, including the products on sale or show too. When it comes to sales the visual impact of items is very significant. Research shows that ease of access to such spaces with accessibility advantages also helps to boost revenue.

Requires natural light

There is an added advantage to these doors for those looking forward to cutting costs that it requires plenty of natural light to access the room. It brings some kind of warmth and feeling of joy to the place. It also ensures you don’t need to spend more money on power or heating during the day too. For natural light, the costs go down immediately.