ATLFairOffer -An Overview

Image result for selling a house"More and more people are choosing to sell their house online to avoid costly estate agent fees. Knowing how to go about this properly will help you sell your house more quickly. ATLFairOffer 

Research which company website you want to sell your house with to get the most suitable for you. Some companies have more clout than others and they will all offer different services. Some sites will want an exclusive deal with you whereas other sites don’t tie you in. The site will usually require a one off fee, which will be far less than the commission of an estate agent. Ideally the site will have good coverage in your area.

Make sure that the price you are asking for your house is realistic. If it isn’t, you wont get anywhere. Ask an agent what they value your property at, and see what similar houses in your area are going for.

Whatever site you decide to use there are a few things that will help you sell your house. A good photograph will help raise interest in your property. Make sure that your home is looking its best and then photograph the outside and every room inside. Make sure that the house is lit well and clutter is removed. Remove cars from the drive too. Don’t shoot into the sun as you are likely to get an incorrect exposure. Make sure the house is really looking its best, perhaps buying some nice flowers to brighten the place up.

Commission or make a sign to go in your garden so that you catch passing trade and so that anyone looking for your house can find it easily. Make sure the sign includes a phone number and make it clear if viewing is by appointment only. As well as advertising in your own garden, try asking a few neighbours if they mind a sign temporarily in their garden to direct people to you. Print advertising will also help – try your local paper.

Image result for selling a house"

Try having an open house, especially if you are near a busy area. Home staging your property will make it more attractive to buyers as they will be able to imagine themselves living in your house.

When you have set your advertising in motion, make sure that you are available to be contacted. If you are going away for a few days, make sure your calls can be picked up or you may lose potential buyers.

Prepare a list of questions to ask interested callers. This should include questions about when they are able to move and whether they need to sell their own house first. It will also help to question them about whether they know your area as anyone wanting to move into it should have found out about it.