Alternative Communication Services -The Importance of Captioning Services

All movie fans have come across captions which run down the screen in either English or a foreign language. Television and videos also use captions at various instances. Captions play an important role when it comes to exposing video, TV programs and movies to a global audience. It is a commonly know fact that people across the globe speak in different languages and not everyone has a basic understanding of the English language. There are also people who suffer from hearing impairments and find subtitles highly helpful when it comes to keeping up with movies.Alternative Communication Services

Transcription companies offer captioning services using the different software available in the market. The captioning software has made the subtitling process much simpler compared to a time back when this task was performed manually. The software use specialized templates and transcript formats which enable the addition of captions to video in a single fast operation. The process can be quite technical and that is why the services of transcription companies are required.
The companies accept movies and video in WAV, FLV, MP3, MOV, WMV, RM and WMA formats. There are companies which accept a number of video formats; it is important to find out what particular formats the transcription company accepts. The resulting output is usually in ID, CLEAN and TXT formats. If required the company will produce web supported captioning such as.XML, CPT,.RIT and a number of other web supported formats.
When opting for the services of a transcription company it is important to find out what their capability is in terms of documenting the transcripts using the Extensible Markup language. This is highly important if you will be submitting your video to online sites.
The captioning service is normally processed within 48 hours from the time the transcription company receives the video file requiring subtitling. The effectiveness with which the transcriber can generate accurate subtitles is determined by the quality of the audio accompanying the video. The company might take a longer time if the audio is not clear enough to derive precise transcripts. It would be wise to asses the audio before hand and get it cleaned up not only for faster video transcription services but to improve the overall quality of your video.